Who are we?

Broadcasting since 2007, Radio Victoria 107.9 FM is the only French-language community radio in British Columbia. Based in Victoria, Radio Victoria offers innovative programs in diverse fields such as news, education, society, culture, entertainment and community development.

Since September 2017, Radio Victoria is located in the heart of Victor Brodeur school. Thanks to this ideal location, our staff can be in contact with young francophones and introduce them to the radio world.

Thanks to its board of directors, staff and volunteers, Radio Victoria provides a wide range of programs, including shows like Le Récap’, our weekly local news show and Tout nouveau, tout chaud ! which offers listeners a selection of the latest francophones songs, or the show Cuisinons ensemble, (literally “let’s cook together”) inviting you into the wonderful world of French gastronomy.

Radio Victoria is always looking for new partnerships and volunteers. You can get involved with our radio by hosting a show in French, by donating or by becoming a member of Radio Victoria.

You can find our content on our various social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Soundcloud.


Would you like to get involved in your community and meet new people? Have you always wanted to discover the world of radio and share your knowledge, experiences, points of view and interests? Radio Victoria is always on the lookout for new volunteers. Become a volunteer and make your voice heard to loyal Radio Victoria listeners! You can participate in the life of the radio by submitting a program in French or by creating your own show. 

Our philosophy: a wonderful exchange!

As a volunteer, you give of your time – and for this, you will receive training offered by the Radio Victoria team, as well as a platform that reaches Francophones and Francophiles in British Columbia and around the world. In addition, according to some studies, ‘[volunteering contributes to improving the quality of life and the health of communities [and] […] volunteers do better physically and have a better quality of life than non-volunteers.’* !

To become a volunteer or to find out more, send us a message by filling out our Contact us form on our website.

Radio Victoria’s team looks forward to hearing your ideas and your voice!


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Another great opportunity to get involved is to become a member of Radio Victoria. By becoming a member, you help give a voice to Francophones and Francophiles in British Columbia. You also encourage the production of radio broadcasts in French and you participate actively in the life of the radio by having the right to vote at the General Assembly. In addition, you have access to our library of vinyl records!

Annual membership: $ 15 for an individual membership and $ 20 for a couple.

To become a member, please complete our Become a Member form.

Start your own show!

Are you already a member of Radio Victoria and want to get started hosting a weekly chronicle or even a show?

Contact us explaining the details of your project (theme, name of the show, format, frequency, etc).



Radio Victoria could not operate without the essential involvement of its members and volunteers. Don’t have volunteer time to offer? Donations enable Radio Victoria to continue its mission!

To make a donation, please complete the Make a Donation form on our website.

Thank you for your support!