The Core

Alexis Gagnon

Programming director

Alexis has a communications background and started out as a volunteer at Radio Victoria in 2016. He then took on Le Débrief, an evening daily news show. This gave him the chance to get to know the francophone community of Victoria and to discover its diversity, as well as experiencing all the thrills and spills of live broadcasting! From August 2018 to September 2021, Alexis was responsible for the programming at Radio Victoria; he has since transitioned to a role as director of musical programming.

Teresa Fortier

General director

Born in the Okanagan Valley, Teresa Fortier grew up in Québec, in Beauce. She then went to Saguenay to pursue her studies in journalisme. For her, itw as a way to connect her love for art, social justice themes and learning.
She was a volounteer at the radio station of Jonquière,during her student years, and also was a journalist at the school magazine LaCerise.ca.
Now that that she has her diploma and time before her eyes, she slowly went back to her roots in B.C at the end of summer 2021, to finally tuble across Radio-Victoria. Teresa is now the host for the news show « Nouvelles de l’île » since September 2021.

Our Wonderful Volunteers

Virginie Beauchamp

A food columnist and host of Tout nouveau tout chaud and Victoria et Compagnie, Virginie Beauchamp is active everywhere. A self-described foodie, Virginie is always looking for Victoria’s best kept gastronomical secrets – and to share them with Radio Victoria’s listeners.

Guy Pruvot

Known to Radio Victoria’s listeners thanks to his legendary voice, Guy Pruvot, recipient of the Jacques Vallée 2019 prize, shares his passion for history and music each week in his shows Les cahiers de l’Histoire and Studio de nuit. A fine narrator, he is also the voice behind Contes en pyjamas. 

Émilie Saucier

An avid music lover, Émilie brings the always-expanding world of rap to Radio Victoria’s listeners in her show La dérape, co-hosted with her son Thomas. Émilie is also a columnist at Victoria et Cie.

Marie-Hélène Bourret

A 150-word biography cannot do justice to Marie-Hélène, who’s been involved with Radio Victoria for over six years. Born in Quebec, Marie-Hélène has taken on a variety of jobs from clown, mime and fortune-teller to provincial civil servant and a historical guide. As soon as she arrived in Victoria in 2013, she became the host of Portes ouvertes, a two-hour morning show on Radio Victoria. Since then, she’s produced and hosted a variety of shows including  Contes pour grands enfants, Semaine de la Justice, Histoire, Émission pour les aînés, and in 2020, a series on nutrition, and edits Contes en pyjamas.

Marina Van Wittenberghe

A photographer and art curator by trade, Marina joined Radio Victoria in May 2019 and was the host of the morning show Bonjour Victoria ! until August 2020.

Marina remains actively involved with Radio Victoria, as a volunteer. She now co-hosts the show ARTAIR, which provides listeners with an auditory vision of Art History.